What to Expect During a Fire Safety Inspection for Your Building

15 August 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog


Most commercial buildings need to go through a fire safety inspection annually, although this will vary from location to location. It's good to know what to expect during such an inspection so you can ensure that all areas to be inspected are clear and easily accessible and can make changes or updates to certain equipment as needed and avoid any type of fine or even a shutdown. Note a few things to expect during most fire safety inspections so you can be prepared for your next one.

Fire extinguishers

Note that your extinguishers will need to be properly pressurized, but an inspection may also include checking the tag of the extinguisher to note when it's been serviced last, even if it's properly pressurized. Servicing ensures that the nozzle and other parts of the extinguisher are operational and ready for use. Extinguishers may also need to be in certain locations, such as being easily accessible under a commercial stovetop or at the entryway to a commercial kitchen. You may also need to have extinguishers for different applications; one that is used for kitchen fires may not be good for electrical fires, so an inspector might check the type of extinguisher you have as well as its pressure and condition.

Fire exits and lights

An inspection will almost always check the fire exits to note if they're clear on both sides and easily accessible and not locked in such a way that they cannot be used. Your exit signs are also typically tested to ensure they're not just glowing but also a certain brightness so they can easily be seen. Be sure you don't have anything blocking these areas and have checked the fire doors of your facility for hinges in good condition, working alarms, and the like.


If you have fire hydrants on your property, you don't want to misuse them for filling water tanks or other such purposes. This can be a violation of their use and also cause them to lose pressure so that they don't pass inspection. An inspector might note if they're blocked by vehicles, if lanes to the hydrant are properly painted so they can be seen easily, and if the hydrants have been tampered with any way. Along with the hydrants, other fire lanes into and out of your facility may need to be painted and marked and always kept clear, so ensure this is done every day and especially as leading up to the inspection.