How To Care For Newly-Laid Turf

29 August 2016
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Roll-on turf is the quickest and easiest way to get your lawn up to scratch, but it takes a little tender loving care in the first few weeks if you want to be sure that it will thrive. There are a handful of simple rules you should follow if you want to give your new grass the best head start you can--and you should stick to each of these rules for a period of three weeks after the grass has been laid.

  1. Don't walk on it without a barrier--and don't let your dog onto it either. During those three crucial weeks, it's important to keep off your lawn as much as possible--and if you must cross it, lay a board to walk on and take it up again when you're done. Walking on new turf can make permanent footprints in it and damage new roots before they're established. It's impossible to keep all pets off it, but your dogs shouldn't be allowed on till those three weeks have passed!  
  2. Keep it as well watered as you possibly can. Unless you live somewhere that really does rain every day, a hosepipe and/or sprinkler system is essential to keep your lawn well enough watered. Even if you have had a rainy season, you should water shaded areas (such as bits of lawn underneath overhanging trees) by hand in case they're not getting enough to drink. Make sure you do this at least every other day for the first few weeks and around weekly thereafter.  
  3. Don't forget to keep the new grass properly fed, too! At least once during that initial period and then every two months after that, it's important to give your lawn a good feeding. Use a specialised lawn fertiliser that doesn't contain weedkillers or moss-killers, at least at first--these can be too harsh for new grass and can inhibit the lawn's growth before it's properly established.  
  4. Mow little and often rather than in big, infrequent bursts. You should never find yourself in a situation where you need to reduce the grass's height by more than a quarter, and for that, you need to mow much more often than you might imagine. This is also the only time you can break the "don't walk on new turf" rule--if it's too inconvenient to mow from boards, just try to get the job done as efficiently as possible. You should mow your lawn about a week after it's rolled out, and every fortnight thereafter during the summer months.

For more information, contact a roll on lawn supplier.