Where You Always Want to Use the Highest Quality Home Building Materials

13 March 2017
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When tackling a home renovation or remodelling project, you can sometimes use lower quality and even used materials for flooring, cabinetry and the like. However, there are times when you want to invest in the highest quality materials available to ensure the job lasts and that you don't compromise on your home's overall value. Note when it's best to pay for high quality materials no matter the cost.


You may not think much of the paint you use indoors and on the home's exterior, but consider that indoor paint is constantly exposed to humidity, heat, direct sunlight, oils from your hands and scuff marks that need washing. Exterior paint is also exposed to humidity, direct sunlight, wind, rain, hail and other such damaging elements. Cheap paint can more readily fade or chip away, so that you need to reapply it more often than high-quality paint. Over time, this can actually be more expensive than if you had invested in a better paint to begin with. Higher quality paints may also have more pigment so that their colour is truer and lasts longer, making it a better choice than a lower quality brand.


As with paint, you may not think there is much difference in the quality of various types and brands of insulation. However, low quality insulation may be made of a thinner material, so it doesn't work as well to actually insulate your home. It may also degrade more easily when it's exposed to moisture, and it may be easier for pests to burrow through. A better type of insulation such as blown foam can also provide more overall insulation that a cheaper fibreglass variety. In turn, you may spend less on your home's utilities, making that high-quality insulation the better bargain overall.

Roofing materials

It may be obvious why you would want to invest in high-quality roofing tiles; thicker tiles will mean better insulation for your home and less risk of water leaks and damage. Cheaper asphalt tiles also dry up and get brittle over time, so that they literally crumble away.

However, you might want to also consider something more high-quality than standard asphalt shingles. For example, metal roofing may be more expensive, but metal is much less likely to blow away in a storm than any asphalt tile. A light colour of metal can also reflect the sun's rays, keeping a home cooler in warmer areas. Investing in a metal roof can then be the better option for your home.