Antique Jewellery: Simple Tips to Keeping Them in Good Condition

14 March 2017
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Antique jewellery remains a popular option for accessorising. This type of jewellery may hold sentimental value since it has been passed down generations in your family, or perhaps you purchased the jewellery and it holds significant monetary value. Overall, this type of jewellery tends to be an investment, and thus it would be crucial to ensure that you are taking good care of it. What some people do not realise is that some of their practices could be putting your antique jewellery at risk of damage. Here are a few simple tips that you could employ to keep your antique jewellery pieces in good condition.

Tip 1: Get routine maintenance from a professional jewellery

One of the best things that you could do for your antique jewellery is taking it to a professional jeweller at a shop like Chilton's Antiques for routine maintenance. During this maintenance visit, the jeweller will inspect the pieces for any signs of damage, conduct repairs if necessary and clean your jewellery for you. Not only does this enhance the appearance of your antique jewellery, but it also function to prolong the lifespan of the pieces.

Tip 2: Wear your antique jewellery for special occasions only

Wearing your antique jewellery on a regular basis will expose it to wear and tear. This is why you should store your antique jewellery safely and only wear your pieces for special occasions. It should also be noted that antique jewellery should never be worn when engaging in rough activities, such as sports, cleaning and more. These activities pose the risk of you jewellery becoming dirty prematurely and would make the jewellery susceptible to damage.

Tip 3: Store your gemstones separated from each other

A misconception that some people have is that all gemstones can be stored in one place. The truth is that these gemstones have varying densities. As such, you will find some gemstones are much harder than others are. If you store all your gemstones in one place, they will eventually rub against each other, and this will cause the harder gemstones to scratch the surfaces of the softer ones. Instead of putting them all together in one jewellery box, have your rubies, diamonds, sapphires and more all stored in individual satchels.

Tip 4: Do not expose the antique jewellery to chemicals

Some people end up unwittingly exposing their antique jewellery to chemicals, which leads to them tarnishing prematurely. This typically happens by putting on your antique jewellery then using body sprays, perfumes and more. Instead, you should ensure you are finished with your hygiene routine, and then wear your antique jewellery last.