Weighing Scales: Reasons to Invest In Calibration Services

15 March 2017
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If your business requires the regular use of weighing scales, then it would be prudent to also routinely hire calibration services. These services provide you with a quantitative comparison of your weighing equipment to determine whether they are in accurate working condition. After the calibration services are concluded, your business is issued with a certificate. However, you will find some business owners will skimp on this service in an attempt to keep their operational costs low. This is not advisable. Below are some of the reasons why you should invest in calibration services.

Calibration services provide you with cost savings

Some business owners do not realise how much of a risk they are taking when they choose to forgo calibration services. Failure to have your equipment properly calibrated exposes you to hidden costs that would likely be much more expensive that opting to pay for routine calibration. Moreover, carrying out your business using equipment that is not calibrated can cause a host of problems with your production process including:

  • The recalling of your products, leading to severe losses.

  • The production of poor quality products.

By investing in calibration services, you can be assured that all the decisions you are making in regards to your product will be sound and well informed, decreasing the chances of problems down the road.

Calibration services ensure that your business is compliant

Your business will need to be audited once in a while. These audits are carried out both internally as well as by external auditors. If the audits are to find that the data pertaining to your product line is wrong, then it could lead to you having to stop processing and manufacturing until the problem is solved. This can lead to lengthy periods of downtime, which would affect your bottom line in the long run. If you would like to prevent this, it is best to have your weighing equipment calibrated on a scheduled basis.

Calibration services aid in detecting malfunctioning equipment

It should be noted that the reliability of your balances and scales is bound to decline over time. This is due to normal wear and tear that comes about from frequent use. By opting for calibration serves, you get the chance to catch this deterioration before it becomes severe as the professionals will be able to determine how fast the drift is occurring. If your weighing scales are losing their calibration much faster than normal, it may be time to consider replacing your equipment.