Maximise the Power of Name Tags at Your Next Expo, Trade Show, or Convention

16 March 2017
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Custom name badges can help attendees get to know each other at a trade show, convention, or expo. However, if you want the badges to be as effective as possible, there are a few things you may want to keep in mind. Take a look at these ideas.

1. Make Names Large Enough to Read

When people go to conventions and trade shows, they don't just want to meet the attendees. Rather, they want to meet the other exhibitors, and a name badge helps to streamline introductions. So that the name badges work, make sure that the names are written large enough to read. Depending on your preference, you can have all the names printed on before the event, or you can go with blank badges that exhibitors write their names on. If you opt for the latter, remind exhibitors to write big.

2. Consider Including Company Names Instead of Last Names

When you're trying to make the text on a custom name tag large enough to read, you can only fit a finite number of letters on there. To make the most of your text, consider forgoing the last name. That's something exhibitors can share as needed, or if they get talking, the exhibitors can share information by exchanging business cards. Instead of the last name, consider putting the exhibitor's business name on their custom badge. That serves as an instant ice breaker, and it makes it easier for people to make connections. For example, let's say you are a photographer exhibiting at a bridal expo. You want to make connections with bakers and wedding planners. If that info is on the name badge, it makes it easy to know who to approach.

3. Include Ice Breakers on the Name Tag

While business names can work as icebreakers, you may want to utilise your name tag real estate with a more "formal" icebreaker game. To encourage conversation, for example, you could include a question on each person's name tag. You want to pick something that most people can answer and that hopefully opens the door to conversation such as "what's the furthest you've travelled for business" or "who's your favorite business writer".

4. Use Lanyards and Pins

Finally, name tags need to be visible or none of the ideas above will really work. People need different name tag holders to work with different outfits. So that everyone can easily display their name tag confidently and comfortably, make a variety of options available. In most cases, you definitely want lanyards as well as pins, but in some cases, you may want basic adhesive name tags for people who prefer that option.