Factors to Consider When Purchasing Wedding Bands

1 May 2017
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Although wedding bands are a symbol of commitment between two people, they are also a reflection of you and your spouse's style. Thus, rather than selecting your wedding bands based on what design first catches your fancy or how affordable the rings are, there are a few things to take into consideration. So what are some of the factors to bear in mind when in search of wedding bands?

Factor in the precious metal used

The first decision to make when buying martial bands is the metal that you would prefer. The most popular option is gold, which comes in various colours. Some of the options available when considering gold are the common yellow gold as well as white gold. If one is looking for durability, there are other options that you could consider. These include titanium, as well as tungsten. Although most people would consider their appearance to be rugged, they tend to be quite sturdy. They are also a popular choice when it comes to male rings as opposed to female rings.

Tungsten and titanium tend to have a similar appearance. The difference comes in with their weight. Titanium tends to be the lighter of the two whereas tungsten is quite heavy. Another option when it comes to metals for marital rings is palladium as well as platinum. These two metals are more durable than conventional gold. They are also quite shiny thus are suited for people who would like their nuptial bands to stand out.  The downside is that they are not quite as strong as titanium or tungsten.

Factor in the finish of the rings

Another thing that an individual should consider when they are shopping for marital rings is the finish on them. Jewellers tend to give their clients the option of customising the sheen, so that they can choose how shiny the metal finish will be. There are several degrees of shine that you could consider.

The first of these is the matte finish, which is whereby the metal on the rings tends to have a sanded appearance. It should be noted that rings with a matte finish will not gleam in the light. The second option is the medium sheen, which would require the metal to be given a satin finish. The last of these is the shiny sheen, which is suited for people who would like the metal of their rings to have a high lustre finish.

Couples can choose from contemporary finishes too. One of these is the sandstone finish, which gives the metal a sandy look. The second of these is the hammered finish which makes the metal of the ring appear scaly.