Factors to Consider When Purchasing Wedding Bands

1 May 2017
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Although wedding bands are a symbol of commitment between two people, they are also a reflection of you and your spouse's style. Thus, rather than selecting your wedding bands based on what design first catches your fancy or how affordable the rings are, there are a few things to take into consideration. So what are some of the factors to bear in mind when in search of wedding bands? Factor in the precious metal used Read More 

Don’t Let a Hole in Your Tent Ruin Your Camping Weekend: 3 Easy Fixes

4 April 2017
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A hole in your tent can very easily put a dampener on your fun camping weekend. But it happens. Sometimes you might have been in a hurry to pack up your tent and a pole poked through the tent's fabric. Perhaps an inquisitive rodent has made a hole in the tent while it was in storage. Whatever the reason, it can be important to pack the necessary gear to patch the hole while you're actually camping because sometimes you only notice these holes when you're putting the tent up. Read More 

Answers to Some of the Most Commonly Asked Questions About Hydroponics

20 March 2017
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Hydroponics refers to growing plants in water rather than soil; this process is sometimes associated with those who are growing illegal plants that they want to hide from others, but it's also used by farmers and those who are concerned with the health of soil, or who don't have their own plot of land for a home garden. If you've ever considered a hydroponics system, note a few commonly asked questions about this gardening system, so you can determine if it's a good choice for you. Read More 

Different Outdoor Tiling Solutions to Consider

16 March 2017
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When it comes to tiling, you need to bear in mind that tiles used for outdoor applications will be manufactured from different materials than their indoor counterparts. This is to ensure that they will be able to withstand the varying weather conditions that they are exposed to all year round. Nevertheless, not all outdoor tiles would be suitable for all outdoor applications. You need to know what the different options are available to you so that you can make an informed decision on what would suit your exterior needs. Read More 

Antique Jewellery: Simple Tips to Keeping Them in Good Condition

14 March 2017
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Antique jewellery remains a popular option for accessorising. This type of jewellery may hold sentimental value since it has been passed down generations in your family, or perhaps you purchased the jewellery and it holds significant monetary value. Overall, this type of jewellery tends to be an investment, and thus it would be crucial to ensure that you are taking good care of it. What some people do not realise is that some of their practices could be putting your antique jewellery at risk of damage. Read More