Different Outdoor Tiling Solutions to Consider

16 March 2017
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When it comes to tiling, you need to bear in mind that tiles used for outdoor applications will be manufactured from different materials than their indoor counterparts. This is to ensure that they will be able to withstand the varying weather conditions that they are exposed to all year round. Nevertheless, not all outdoor tiles would be suitable for all outdoor applications. You need to know what the different options are available to you so that you can make an informed decision on what would suit your exterior needs. Below are some of the different outdoor tiling solutions that you could choose.

Slate tiling

These are one of the most popular solutions when contemplating outdoor tiles. Due to its innate strength, slate tiles are ideal for areas exposed to high traffic such as walkways, patios and more. Slate also has a textured surface. This provide traction hence making it ideal for areas exposed to wet conditions such as by your swimming pool or your hot tub.  Lastly, slate tiles come in varying earth tones, which ensures they will easily blend in with the exterior of your home.

Brick tiling

Not many people are aware that brick is also available in tile form. Nevertheless, over the years, more and more homeowners are realising that this is one of the flooring options that they could consider for your home. The rich reddish and brownish hues of brick are aesthetically beneficial for people who would like to have a rustic flooring appearance at their exterior. This rust-coloured appearance is also, what make sit great for informal outdoor living spaces such as by your barbeque pit or on your garden walkways. Since brick tiles can withstand exposure to high temperatures, they make a great addition to locations that primarily experience a warmer climate throughout the year.

Granite tiling

Granite is typically considered when it comes to surfaces that require high impact resistance such as benchtops. This innate strength also makes this one of the most suitable tiles for your exterior flooring needs. The granite tiles are usually available in precut sizes. You can then choose to purchase them in one uniform size or mix and match various sizes to create visual interest on your flooring. Granite tiles are also advantageous, as they do not require any grouting to hold them in place. A mesh base is laid during installation where the precut tiles are bonded. This not only ensures perfect alignment but it also makes the installation process less cumbersome.