Don't Let a Hole in Your Tent Ruin Your Camping Weekend: 3 Easy Fixes

4 April 2017
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A hole in your tent can very easily put a dampener on your fun camping weekend. But it happens. Sometimes you might have been in a hurry to pack up your tent and a pole poked through the tent's fabric. Perhaps an inquisitive rodent has made a hole in the tent while it was in storage. Whatever the reason, it can be important to pack the necessary gear to patch the hole while you're actually camping because sometimes you only notice these holes when you're putting the tent up. Professional tent repairs might be necessary when you return home, but you can easily arrange a temporary solution yourself, allowing you to enjoy the rest of your camping weekend.

1. Tape

A roll of heavy duty gaffer tape can be your best friend when the weather is cooperating. If the skies are cloudless, a patch of tape can easily cover a small hole. Obviously this is strictly a temporary measure, but it will do the trick when there's no danger of rain, at least keeping mosquitoes, moths, and other flying pests out of your tent. Make sure you keep a roll of heavy duty gaffer tape in your car.

2. Patches

Gaffer tape won't cut the mustard if there's a chance of rain. It can be a great idea to pick up some specialist adhesive patches, which can be found in any shop that sells camping supplies. Two of these patches are needed, and you simply cut them so that there is sufficient overhang to stick to the fabric around the hole. One patch is applied to the exterior of the tent, and one is used inside. The two patches are then pushed together to create a seal. The patches create some weatherproofing, but again, it's only a temporary solution.

3. Sealant

If you're taking a longer camping trip, it's a really good idea to have the necessary equipment to perform a more substantial repair. You will need some waterproof nylon fabric to patch the hole, a sharp pair of scissors and a waterproof adhesive and sealant (which acts as glue). Cut the replacement fabric so that there's sufficient overhang to stick to the tent's fabric around the hole. Liberally apply the adhesive around the edges of the square of replacement fabric and press it firmly into place. This will only work with a specialist sealant that allows for the fabric to remain flexible (while creating a waterproof seal). If correctly applied, such a patch can be a long-term solution.